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What can be learned from the Makers Movement to improve how engineering is taught?  Arizona State University engineering faculty members Micah Lande and Shawn Jordan address this question July 24, 2014 at a National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop in Washington, D.C. Other speakers include White House OSTP Deputy Director Tom Kahil, Make Media founder Dale Dougherty and Makers from TechShop, NYSCI, America Makes and Albemarle County Schools.

Methods for Examining the Educational Pathways of Adult Makers

Presented at June’s American Society for Engineering Education annual conference in Indianapolis:

Micah Lande & Shawn Jordan (2014). Methods for Examining the Educational Pathways of Adult Makers. American Society for Engineering Education Conference. Indianapolis, IN. June 17.

An Ethos of Sharing in the Maker Community

Presented at June’s American Society for Engineering Education annual conference in Indianapolis:

Chrissy Foster, Micah Lande & Shawn Jordan (2014). An Ethos of Sharing in the Maker Community. American Society for Engineering Education Conference. Indianapolis, IN. June 17.

Essential reading picks from ASU engineering faculty


ASU engineering faculty members offer recommendations about books to put on your summer reading list. Dr. Lande suggests Bill Stumpf’s The Ice Palace That Melted Away.

As engineers, we strive to make the world better. In this book, the designer of the popular Aeron office chair shares his personal manifesto for how mindful design can support civility, what that means and how the stuff we interact with everyday can help to make life more civil in both small and large ways. For me, this is a hallmark of people-centered innovation. It’s a quick read that I like to revisit periodically to restock the hope and optimism useful to drive innovation and change in our communities – change that is possible because we are engineers.

Design Thinking + Making Summer Session

How might we design for the future of hydration?  At a week-long summer session for high school students diving into engineering innovation, design thinking and making, a group of students created a mascot for drinking water. 

summer 2014 programs
for middle and high schoolers
at the ASU Chandler Innovation Center


Frankenstein Bicentennial Workshop, April 2014

Green Electronics Challenge Launch Party this Monday, 4/14/2014, starting at 6:30pm at TechShop Chandler, w/ a workshop led by Dr. Lande.  To register: link

launched at Southwest Maker Fest, 3/22/2014

As an educator, it’s a great opportunity for people to take what they’re interested in and have an excuse to play and learn and build.

Micah Lande, in an article on Making in the Cronkite News Service

March 22, 2014 in downtown Mesa

Join the summer 2014 ASU Maker Corps cohort.

NSF I-Corps for Learning January/February 2014.  Dr. Lande is part of the instructional teaching team.

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